Rebel Song’s Post Production

Welcome to the Official Post-Production Blog for the documentary feature film, REBEL SONG. REBEL SONG is an uncompleted film about a group of older musicians getting a second chance as a Celtic Rock band, while they rebel against modern conventions of what “Irish” or “Celtic” music should be. The aforementioned Band’s name is NA BODACH, which is Gaelic for “Not Old Men.”

If you have found this blog, we hope that you will come back often to see how our film is progressing on its journey to fruition. Today, for example, marked a major milestone as our Director completed 36 pages of handwritten transcription for the last of our Band Member interviews (there are 5 band members, btw). This took several months, off and on, of listening to a MP3 file and writing everything that is said in a notebook. Now, we have to take all 36 pages and typed them into a MSWord file so we can later print them out, choose our favorite scenes and being to edit REBEL SONG on paper. It is best to edit your interviews and build scenes on paper first, as it saves you a lot of time and is a lot more accurate. We’ll try to note stuff like this for any of our fellow filmmakers or film geeks out there. : )

Take care and we hope you will be seeing our completed film once it is done.



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